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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Classroom Newsletter-NETS 1,3

This classroom Newsletter was targeted for a second grade class using Microsoft Word.  There are four small articles related to school activities including technology in the classroom. The purpose of this classroom newsletter is to inform both students and parents about important information about the classroom.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wiki Page-NETS 1,3, 5

This is a wiki page created using the site WetPaint. My wiki page talks about the Photopeach site which is a tool used to create a picture slideshow. My wiki page includes information on how to use this tool in the classroom. There is also an example that I made using Photopeach.

Inspiration-NETS 2, 3

This graphic organizer was created with the help of the Inspiration technology tool. This Inspiration project shows the NETS for teachers standards and two artifacts that meet the five standards.  Each artifact also has an appropriate graphic representation.  

Copyright-NETS 4

Copyright Internet Safety Group Project

This is a collaborative paper on Copyright and Internet safety. This paper covers important topics such as piracy, plagiarism, cyber bullying, inappropriate content, social network and cyber predators to promote awareness and knowledge about responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information.

Excel-NETS 1


This crossword puzzle was created with the technology tool Excel. This crossword puzzle is about my life. I was able to leave clues at the beginning of each word. This project helped me identify cell addresses and change format cell contents. I was able to learn how to add pop-up comment and apply conditional formatting. There is also a second sheet with clues.

PSA Stop the Hate Crime at CSUSM-NETS 1, 3

This is a Public Service Announcement regarding the hate crime at Cal State San Marcos. This PSA was created using iMovie. This PSA contains special effects, still frames, credit endings, a title slide, music and transitions. I was able to edit and modified video clips as well as music.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal # 10 1,4, 5

Wheelcock, Andrew. "Social Studies in a Virtual World." International Society for Technology & Education 37.6 (2010): 26-27. Web. 22 Apr. 2010. <>.

Journal # 10 Social Studies in a Virtual World by Andrew Wheelock

This article discusses the advantages of “Second Life”, a multi-user virtual environment called MUVE for both students and teachers. According to the author Second Life gives teachers the opportunity to connect via an Internet network with their colleagues around the world about many subjects including literature, science and history themes. Educators are able to get information from Virtual Harlem, Roma or even the Antiquity Texas. Educators who use Virtual Pioneers are known as Virtual Pioneers. This all started with a group of teacher in New York who used Second Life to learn more about historical landmarks that the virtual world offered. The virtual headquarters is now in the Western New York Regional Information Center’s Model School. Second Life has many activities including historical costume parties where members arrive with a note card with information about the era or person they represent, after meeting, a class for creating historical artifacts and structures, a role play acting focusing on the different perspective on World War II and the atomic born, a discussion led by Carnegie fellows on the misconceptions surrounding Islam, teacher resources, a tour of the Virginia society for Technology in Education’s build of historic Jamestown and an outstanding multimedia presentation about China, a look at Kenya, a tour of the Holocaust Memorial Exhibit among many others.

Question 1: How would I see myself using Second Life in my classroom?
Second Life seems like a wonderful idea where teachers have the opportunity to communicate with each other about social issues, historic debates, and present history around the world. I think it will be to a great advantage to join a network group like Second Life since it has many activities including a tour of the Holocaust Memorial Exhibit among others that can be used to teach and show student in the classroom to help students learn more about the world’s history and its impacts.

Question 2: What can I learn from Second Life that I already don’t know about? There are many activities that I can learn from joining Second Life including a tour of Kenya and its people, a multimedia presentation about China, and a discussion led by a pair of Carnegie fellows, on the misconceptions surrounding Islam.