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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal #2"Using Podcasts to Develop a Global Perspective"-NETS 1,4, 5

Maguth, B.M., & Elliott, J. . (2010). Using Podcasts to develop a global perspective. Learning and Leading with Technology37(5),
Retrieved on March 4, 
In the article “Using Podcasts to Develop a Global Perspective” by Brad M. Maguth and Jeff Elliott, the authors talk about the benefits of using podcasts in the classroom.  According to the authors podcasting can allow students to reach a wider audience online to address global challenges or even other important issues.  Podcasting also allows students to “collaborate with diverse global populations.”  Podcasting are being used in classrooms to help students learn about other cultures.  According to the authors another benefit of podcasting is that it allows students to interact with digital technology.  The authors strongly feel that podcasting can help students be more engaged while learning.   Podcasting also helps students communicate with their peers about global challenges.  According to the authors podcasting does involve a lot of hard work, which include, planning, researching, writing and editing.  Podcasting also allows students to create scripts, embed background music and even allows students to record debates.  The authors feel that an assignment that uses podcasts can help students experience a deeper depth of study in an issues like global warming and it can help students know about multiple perspectives about an issues and gives students the opportunity to discuss about global issues.
Question 1:  How would I incorporate podcasting in my classroom? There are many materials that can be covered and discussed with the help of podcasting.  Global challenges, current debates, and cultural diversity are some materials that students can discuss by using podcast.  I will definitely integrate podcasting in my classrooms because it lets students collaborate and create creative, and informational data.
Question 2: What educational technology standards for teachers does podcasting meet?
The educational technology standard for teacher that podcasting meets is the standard “model digital-age work and learning” because teachers are able to “exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of innovative professional in a global and digital society”

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