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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Journal #3 Keeping the Peace NETS 3,4, 5

Levinson, M. (2010). Keeping the peace. Learning and Leading with Technology37(5), Retrieved on March 4 from,

In the article “Keeping the Peace” by Matt Levinson, the author talks about the benefits of integrating a “laptop program” in schools to introduce technology to students. The author talked about a school called Nueva School whose students, teachers and parents were divided on the issue of the appropriate use of instant messaging and video chatting at school and at home.  The school allowed students to iChat, but it soon became a problem because instant messaging had become a social network even during school hours.  Many parents felt betrayed by the schools because they felt the school had taken their rights as parents to give permission to their children to use instant messaging.  On the other hand, there were other parents who did not oppose to the use of instant messaging because they felt that it was a new opportunity that their children should experience.  After the controversy the school decided to implement a “laptop program” and a “boot-up camp”, which helped students, teachers and parents learn about the appropriate use of technology. The school also used new guidelines which included: a “partnership with Common Sense Media”, a signed policy before using laptops, an IM program for use at school with teacher permission and limited use, and informational workshops for parents. 
Question 1: What could have Nueva School done to prevent the controversy about Instant Messaging? I believe that all parents have rights over their child’s education.  I believe that the school should have asked for the parent’s permission before letting the students Ichat during school hours.  The school should have educated their students before letting the Ichat.
Question 2: How can teachers educate their students about Ichat?  There is many ways teachers can educate their students about Ichat. There is many websites that can help teachers teach introduction to technology.  The important issue is to educate students about Ichat safety.  Students should also be educated with time management when it comes to technology. 

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