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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal # 7 NETS 1,4, 5

Zabetis, Jan. (2010, March/April). The Beginner's guide to interactive virtual field trips. International Society for Technology & Education, 37(6), Retrieved from

Journal # 7 The Beginners Guide to Interactive Virtual Field Trips by Jan Zanetis

This article discusses the advantages of Virtual Field Trips in the classroom. According to author Jan Zanetis, VFTs are “conducted virtually, over the internet” with the use videoconferencing technology. VFTs are websites that are focused on a specific topic that include text, audio, or video resources. According to Zanetis, “VFTs have a streaming videos tour of a particular location, and a podcast of a host guiding you through a collection of photos.” Zanetis believes since many schools do not have the money for field trips because of travel costs it will be to the students advantage to use VFTs. VFTs are used so that students learn from experts from around the world. VFTs also allows for students to tour historic sites, scientific experiments, museums, festivals and other events. According to 2009 study by Wainehouse Research there are about 30% of schools that have installed videoconferencing equipment. According to the author there is about 300 museums, science centers, historical sites and other organizations that allow VFTS to schools. Zanetis believes that the students will receive educational lesson plans about the subjects the students are learning through credential experts presents during the interactive VFTs. Finally, Zanetis believes that VFTs can engage and enchant students with its educational advantages.

Question 1: How would I see myself using VFTs in my classroom?
I believe that I would see myself using VFTS in my classroom by videoconferencing with historic sites and especially museums. I believe that students will be engaged through experts that are presents during interactive VFTs. I believe that VFTs is a technology tool that should be used in classrooms.

Question 2: How could this technology make its into the classroom with limited funding sources? I believe that grants are available that can fund a VFT program. I also believe that with the support of teachers and the community we can help to create a VFT program in school. I believe that in the long run schools will save money because they will be saving money from travel costs.

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