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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal #8- NETS 4, 5

Lindsay, J., & Davis, V. (2010). Navigate the digital rapids. International Society for Technology & Education, 37(6), Retrieved from

This article discusses digital citizenship is the ability for teachers to transform themselves in to professionals by effectively researching technology tools, monitoring the uses of those tools and avoiding fear towards technology. The ability to become a digital citizen is shown when students empowered to use their creative through exciting learning projects by using technology. The author believes that students are engaged more in their learning when they are giving the opportunity to use mobile technology. The author also believes that “customized classroom and national standard can coexist and lead to rich learning for example, teachers allow their students to create globally connected through technology then the students will have great learning experiences while meeting the national standards. The author strongly believes that teachers should join networks that are focused on technology tools for the classroom like web.20, wiki among others to learn to understand the quality of the material. The authors also believe that “Flat Classroom Projects” a website that is an educational networks for both student and teachers can give the opportunity for both groups to share their experiences when it comes to technology. The teacher usually monitors the students as they use Flat Classroom Projects in the classrooms, which its purpose is to educate the student about a subject they are learning. When students come across a site with offensive material on the Internet usually take shares it with the rest of the class and makes comments on the content.

Question 1: How would I see myself using Flat Classroom Projects in my classroom? I believe that there is plenty of advantages when using a communication in the classroom when it is focused on technology tools. I would definitely let my students use this Flat Classroom Projects to become analyzers of sites and its educational purpose.

Question 2: What advantages would my students have with Flat Classroom Projects? I believe that my students will have the opportunity to analyze a technological tool and decide whether it helps them or it meets the educational subject they are learning. My students will learn to gather information about the quality of a technology tool and whether it is a good tool to recommend to others.

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