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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal #9-NETS 2,4, 5

Weller, J. (2010). Playing with skype. International Society for Technology & Education, 37(6), Retrieved from

The author in this article discusses the advantages of integrating “skype” a free online software in to the classroom. Skype is software that allows for voice-over-Internet Protocol network. Skype allows for millions of people to communicate with each other via voice calls and instant messages. In this article, the author talks about the positive outcomes of allowing his eight-grade music students to communicate with the composers whose music the students were playing by using Skype. The composers talk to the students via Skype about their pieces before the students performed their music. Weller believed that this was a great experience for his students to interact and get information from musician experts about their fields. Weller also believed that the requirements for a Skype program were minimal using a computer, couple of web cams, microphones etc…that was available through a grant for that school. Weller also believed that it would be an advantage that students talk to other experts from different fields to give information and advice to the students about their careers. He believed that Skype was a technological tool that should be considered to use in classrooms.

Question 1: How would I see myself using Skype in my classroom?
After reading this article, I was impressed about the positive educational experiences the students had after using Skype. I believe that I would bring musicians, artists, dancers, writers, and scientists among others in to my classroom by using Skype. I believe that students will enjoy learning and understanding other people rather than myself.

Question 2: How could this technology make its into the classroom with limited finding sources? I believe that there are many grants available to help with such programs. I believe that it will be helpful to have the support of the students parents and also the community.

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